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First Aid Course

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Also this year the Green Cross of Villa Rosa Martinsicuro organize a first aid course for health care to citizens who wish to have first aid skills and can help in case of difficulty, one who feels bad.

But if one wants, the course is a prerequisite for access to emergency relief on Abruzzo 118.

Last year I was a student and I must say that the course gave me a lot and above all has made me aware of the protocols and maneuvers to help our neighbor in case of difficulty.

If you're in the area, you have some 'free time, there has always been keen on the role of rescuer health and want to give a little' time to your neighbor, then the chance.

Also remember that your active participation within the association may not be only on the medical aid but there are many things to do, transport for the disabled, dialysis and more you can do it just in case, for example, sight of blood was a problem for you.

The course lasts 16 lessons and from 09 April 2010. For information and registration or 320.7991153 0861.710200.

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