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Windows 7 to evalution Activation

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namely: how to upgrade the evaluation version of Windows 7 (RC) to the final.

As you will recall, the exit of the evaluation version of Windows 7, April 2009, your captain has not missed an opportunity to touch the last jewel of Redmond, were pleasantly pleased enough to have both installed on the computer home and in the office.

Back in my post from May 2009 I announced that version, freely downloadable and installable and would last until June 2010 but already the first Marzo 2010 a any computer installed with that version would have gone out every two hours to remind you to install a version Final.

March has arrived and my computer will go off every two hours : D

E 'then time to install the final version. While at home I decided to make a clean sweep by installing a Windows 7 ex-novo, in the office, for reasons of productivity, I would prefer to upgrade the evaluation version to avoid having to reinstall and replace all the existing environment but ... here's the surprise. When you try to do this update will get the following error message

that essentially states that is, or at least, sembraimpossibile update the evaluation version with the final one. But we do not stop in front of these minor obstacles and try to work around the problem with a trick.

First, you must download the entire contents of the DVD version of Windows 7 in a writable directory, for example, on the same HD where there is a trial, provided that, after copying, there are at least fifteen GByte still free.

At that point we go into the Sources folder

cversion.ini and edit the file in this folder.

You see, the file has a key MinClient with value 7233 and since the trial was the 7100 one senses a possible loophole to the problem. So change that value with a lower than that reported in the trial, for example, 7000

Save the file and we start the installation by double clicking the setup.exe file in the folder above. You'll see the installation screen Windows 7

Begin the installation by selecting "Upgrade" as a method of installation and carrying on, everything went smooth and this same post was written a few minutes after installing the final version of my car on the provisional one in the office.

To be honest there are obviously of singularities to consider regarding this procedure. First, since the trial was a Windows 7 Ultimate, you can do this only if you have the Ultimate version of Windows 7 that among the versions of Windows 7, is the most expensive quantanche that clearer. Also since the demo in English I did upgrade to Win7 Ultimate in English but do not know if it works by updating to the Italian. I have not had the guts to do :-D

In addition, but this should be obvious, you must have a valid license of Windows 7 Ultimate enter, hand in the properties window of your computer to be able to activate the license online addition. If you do not do that, you have thirty days to acquire a license otherwise enter Windows in read-only.

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