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Do not believe everything you see on Facebook

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Certainly, Miss appears in the classic bimbominkia but what's so different that makes it so special? Certainly, the two melons to be found on the front, are not exactly the standard in the world of bimbominkia but be careful!! ... It is still that glitters.

I must say that I spent about ten seconds to understand the problem ... and you? How long did you put it?

Emiliano PS Congratulations! Just a nice place for Women's Day : D

PS 2: Joe I noted that there is a "fail" as big as a house even on the other tit ... this completely escaped Mera : D

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3 Responses to "Do not believe everything you see on Facebook"

  • maury writes

    See also the left arm.


  • Mirchi Emanuel D'Angelo writes:

    but no ... and 'only an effect due to the seriousness of this great mass that distorts the space ...


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Well, but then there should be an even greater effect in the area around the groin. ... know in fact that the holes blacks have a huge gravitational mass :-D


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