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The Meaning of Life, Part II

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Some of you may recall from my own experience on the pigeon found dead of starvation to be trapped between the tubes of air conditioning.

Well, today I found something similar on the net though vastly worse. Look what happened to this belief, moose, trapped in open ground.

Dread to think how cruel nature can be. True?

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2 Responses to "The Meaning of Life, Part II"

  • Maury wrote:

    Well, that's what we humans call simply "incident" (eg industrial accidents, accidents in the mountains, do not say those roads where it is often the fault of third parties). Which is almost always the result of a huge dick ...


  • davidebe writes:

    poor moose, actually life is when inserting into something, like work, love,
    passions etc. .. and remain relentlessly cheated, intended to slow death, while
    conscious of wanting to quit.


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