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ICE, the number lifesaving. Be true?

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Why is it important not to trust what ever arrives via e-mail and you should still check the sources before twisting the news to relatives and friends? Because often the news seem real, in fact may have implications for buffalo.

E 'a-like buffalo, for example, the mail that I received sull'ICE. What should be this ICE? Let us see the text of the email

E 'a social service PROFIT RELIEF TO PERSON.

The operators of ambulances have reported that very often in traffic accidents, the injured have with their mobile phone, but operators do not know who to contact between the endless list of numbers saved in Contacts.
Operators of ambulances have launched the idea that everyone puts in his contact list, the person to contact in an emergency under a pseudonym default.
The username is internationally known ICE (In Case of Emergency). And 'under this name that we should write down the number of persons working ambulances, police, firefighters or first responders could be contacted.
If there were more people to contact you can use the definition ICE1, Ice2, ICE3, etc ....
Easy to do, costs nothing and can be very useful.
It 'a good idea and is also promoted by the authorities to rescue.
Circulate the news so that this behavior becomes a habit common.

Protection Civile Roma

At first dressed up seems a good thing but, as I said in the preamble, it is best to check. Here, then, that on the usual site of Paul Attivissimo, there is some legitimacy doubts and difficulties that I try to summarize below:

  • The rescuer is busy saving the life of the patient and is often more important than a label with the directions of the blood group and / or diseases rather than the number to call
  • A rescuer, for obvious privacy reasons, do not ever get to find the cells of the patient in the pocket or purse, that is for the police who usually call the last number called
  • A rescuer is too busy to save the life of the patient to try to understand how the cell and how to reach the heading
  • The cell phone in case of serious trauma is often broken or damaged
  • The phone may be broken or turned off with a request for PIN activation
  • All emergency procedures are based on standard ILCOR and implementations that make each of the 118 operating centers

Finally, as you can see, the mail appears to come from the Civil Protection of Rome. I have already contacted this agency to determine if indeed the sender of the email to them or whether those who have posted, is guilty of the crime of vaunted credit.

Before increasing the "background noise" of the Internet, Google is your friend : D

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