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WiFi coverage with Cisco Linksys WRT120N

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When colleagues, friends or acquaintances ask me where I can get up to the mark of a classic wireless access point WiFi is always a bit 'dubious and reluctant to answer because, you know, the performance always depends on many factors such as configuration of the house, wall thickness, the presence of doors or staircases and so on.

Usually it would answer that in open field, ie without obstacles, access point could not exceed 100/150 meters.

The other day I had in my hands a Cisco Linksys WRT120N that

some tests at home, I seemed to have some great performances. Having a bit 'of time available, I decided to check what was the optimal configuration that is in its coverage, in the open field.

For the occasion, and since in many asked me why did not anything plexiglass, I prepared to fly this support craft

and I placed on the balcony of the house.

As a client computer instead I used my Acer Aspire One with its internal antenna. Departing by car from my house I soon realized that the feeling had at home was correct and the signal was strong and constant even within the machine from afar.

I finally found the point where the signal was completely missing and great was the surprise when, back home the point where the signal was still present, I realized the enormous distance that this access point.

As you can see I managed to join the access point to a good 550 yards away.

with a signal access point, the first list in the background on the extreme right of the photo below zero, yet still satisfying ping and navigation on the page fully functional.

Conclusion, as I am concerned, therefore, recommend this family of access points, the cost really content to friends and colleagues.

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9 Responses to "WiFi coverage with Cisco Linksys WRT120N"

  • Max writes:

    Well, this is maybe with my 3COM 5 years ago I doubt :)
    However it would be interesting to know what this type of experiments the power antenna supplied, or is just an experience, or not?


    Emiliano Bruni's Reply:

    Well, that insofar as that is the standard model with standard settings. It 'obvious that if one puts an external high-gain power or change the radio or a coupon on your PC with high-gain external antenna then it changes everything. The experiment has significance in the sense that everything is "like mother did" :-D


  • sauce wrote:

    .... I hope that customer and that is' submitted to Micso few days ago saying that we gave access point "ciofeca" read this article ... ....


  • G writes:

    very interesting your proof ..
    I use it with PC and BlackBerry (BB) bold9700 using wifi, 2 mega Tele2
    I know you do not explain why my passes from the upper to the lower a homeowner?
    same router connected to the PC disk with network cable on the first floor ..
    If you turn the BB and I try the network to 2 meters I have the greatest signal if I move downstairs to one notch down, I can surf but the signal is very low ..
    BB engages closely with the signal of higher power to linksys, and what the hell !!!!!
    I knew if I saved 69euro and continue to use your DSL ...
    not happy then I put it near a window, I went into the street, 30 meters, the signal is zero ..
    In practice this router, as I think many others, fails to pass the signal in my house ..
    the signal should take the stairs or get out of the window and come downstairs ..


    Emiliano Bruni's Reply:

    Boh. So on two feet I can think of a problem apparatus or interference present in your home or nearby.


  • G writes:

    the model is the Wag .. 120N


  • [...] After the article the other day about the excellent performance of Cisco Linksys WRT120N today I propose a brief comparison between the coverage of this already excellent model and the model of the upper band WRT320N. [...]

  • Lawrence writes:

    I purchased the 120N and it works perfectly with your home. But ... my hero htc does not detect wireless network ... I set WPA2personal key (like the Netgear to my parents' house, where, however, the phone goes perfectly wifi).
    I tried to manually install the connection, by entering the ssid eccecc, but nothing the same.
    If instead step to WEP encryption, the phone sees the network and connects, but drops the connection by the PC, then we say that it steals the pc ip suppose.
    I do not understand what the hell should I change the settings to make them work contemporanteamente!

    help me please?!?!


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