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Help us to conquer the world. Come play eRepublik.

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eRepublik is an online game, available in Italian, where we are going to embody the life of a normal citizen, every day, must work to earn money to feed themselves and grow to become a soldier, the director of a newspaper, political to also become president of his nation.

The main difference with other games is that just a few minutes a day for a person active in the comunity.

During our life in the virtual Emond, we are going to earn money with which to open, for example, his own company which produce or sell food, or build and sell weapons for wars, plane tickets to travel or to help build hospitals cured after countless wars of conquest with other states.

But in eRepublik , you can do even more. Like a true community of, you can join other players to create corporations to defeat real competition to sign and sell their products at a premium and so on as a real economy.

From what I read, the current situation in èItalia is at a critical stage. Several months ago we launched an attack on Spain without much success and so now we are experiencing a reorganized to launch a surprise attack on Poland. To succeed in this undertaking is, however, we need a national population increase and this is why now I am here to ask your help .

As in the real world, even in eRepublik , it is important to know the history of their nation. That dell'eItalia found on the History of èItalia eRepublik and if you're curious subscribe to the game and go read the archives of newspapers written by senior citizens or you can come closer to the official forum èItalia where Congress and the current government meet .

Once you eCittadini in effect you can then participate in the political life of most of our eNazione entering the party of right-wing extremists of ' Aquila et Gladius or far-left movement headed by Communist Party èItalia or one of the smaller factions like the movement , the moderate èItalia Values and The Young èItalia .

The game, created two years ago is constantly evolving as the last two implementations that allow, through Facebook Connect button to synchronize and receive notifications, updates on their Facebook account (such as it receives a medal or become President of the country, etc. ...) and form a new economic / military promises a more "fine" of his time inside the ' eRepublik .

What are you waiting for, v IENI play with me on eRepublik and conquer the world.

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5 Responses to "Help us to conquer the world. Come play eRepublik. "

  • Gwendalyne writes:

    Well, I registered. And now? :-)


    Emiliano Bruni's Reply:

    But that bad .... you have not registered in my link above : ( However, the first steps are: you get a picture, you choose a company and then every day click on "job" to work on training as a soldier and also buy some loaves of bread (2 / 3 to start) because the 9.00 am automatically the avatar must eat and if you do not have loaves of bread available then you are wrong.


  • Gwendalyne writes:

    But like ... not that I have recorded from your links?! Yet I was convinced I did it ...: - / If you do not play regularly, what happens to my avatar?


    Emiliano Bruni's Reply:

    Dunno, but surely after a while 'without food, you will not hear very well :-D


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