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To me it became Jesus Christ. Now I teach you how to see.

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I never imagined in my whole life, to have a mystical vision of Jesus Christ on the wall of my house and instead has been that way. Sure, now I keep it to myself and to convince the world that Controguerra is the new Lourdes, but since I'm feeling magnanimous, I decided to tell the world and you will believe how easy it is to display the image of our Lord on your wall of the house whenever you want.

Follow this mystical ascent, here's how.

  1. Attach the four dots above the central image for thirty or forty seconds
  2. Immediately after watching a white wall and you're Jesus Christ appear
  3. For a lasting effect, slap every now and then his eyes, Jesus will reappear

Praise the Lord with singing, prayers, and, occasionally, even sacrificed some virgin.

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