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Mosquitoes? From today you'll kill the laser

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The title is deliberately playful but the topic is very serious: malaria and how to eliminate it. Is certainly an aid in medicine but also the electronics can be helpful. I am convinced that those of Intellectual Ventures just put a new system based on a series of lasers and sensors that locate and destroy up to 100 mosquitoes per second.

The Intellectual Ventures has given a demonstration at the TED Conference in Long Beach where hundreds of mosquitoes were released into a glass container and then be destroyed by the elaborate system developed by engineers at the U.S. firm.

The recognition system is so complex that not only, of course, can distinguish a mosquito of a man, destroying the first and leave unscathed the human being but also is able to distinguish a butterfly from a mosquito.

In the video below we see the laser in action on the hapless mosquitoes.

YouTube Preview Image

If you're a mosquito and you're reading this blog .... Be warned this summer ... Stay away or you'll taste a bit 'of my laser gun

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