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Infinitely small to the infinitely large

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We are a grain of sand in the enormous vast ocean of the universe. Always and everywhere to remind us of how small we are and how big the universe is in one direction, that of the infinitely great and in the infinitely small, here are some resources on the network.

We start with a classic course, the "powers of tens, powers of ten, created for the first time, black and white in 1977 was later converted to color later. The video shows precisely our universe from a picnic by a zoom of 1 meter up to 24 to 10 words a hundred million light years to show us the supercluster of galaxies that contains our Local Group and, returning to backward, to reach 10 -16 ie stop inside the proton, just before reaching the quarks which, in 1977, were still very mysterious objects.

A first trip in our history and our own, despite his age, always fascinates.

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In that video, especially because part of our beautiful Piazza San Marco, one travels in ten of ten to the infinitely distant in time and space

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Finally a beautiful interactive simulation that allows us to move from the lower physical limit, the Planck length equal to 10 -35 meters 10 27 feet to the opposite extreme to where it should be the limit of our physical universe. Again, moving slowly from one extreme to the other one can easily perceive the concept that we are a tiny fraction of something vastly greater.

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