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What happened Controguerra TV?

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Someone will perhaps be asked this question. Why after so much enthusiasm and so much on technology pulled down to set up municipal councils and the portal live Controguerra TV then everything is done in oblivion?

In reality things are not that way. The revival of local councils has been interrupted for a reason: the intolerance of the undersigned to assemble and disassemble the entire Ambaradan for shooting.

The problem was due to the fact that the board room, spostatasi from its previous position had been temporarily allocated at the local multi-purpose hall in the town hall. This temporary placement within a room often used for events and festivals meant that quite often myself had to disassemble everything. Not much work recently.

After nearly a year of this I decided to remove them and put not to place the equipment until final placement, final placement that seems now been found. Now we have to set up new premises and therefore they are waiting to know the layout of the new local and finishes to enable the development of a "television studio" final.

However, to avoid further disruption to this system, I decided to temporarily resume the service albeit in limited release.

By tomorrow night it will resume the shooting of local councils putting aside for now the live TV. I hope that this still allows people to Controguerra interested to watch and cover the city council at any time.

If you want to live, for now, the only site useful and Boardroom of the municipality.

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