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Sexy Spies in Bucchianico (CH)

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Girls, but mostly, boys of this blog: Feast your eyes. We expect the Sexy Spies.

Sexy Spies is a television production FlopTV that, in key sexy dementia refers to the famous Charlie's Angels.

In Sexy Spies 3 are real angels. To begin by Lisa Dalla Via, who plays the part of Stret, already seen in Candlewick famous for her striptease on the pitch during a workout of the Italian national football team during the last world

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Second angel is the Man of Big Brother Zhang, who plays the part of the Cuckoo, and to complete the trio, our great (in all senses) Ileana Tacconelli, who plays the part of the Lung in the show. Chietino thoroughbred and pre-Miss Italy in 2001 as Miss Abruzzo, Ileana was seen in "Never say Tuesday", especially in the part of "ideal wife"

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Spies In Sexy Ileana stands out not only for the breathtaking curves, for the dialogues in a dialect spisciante Pescara.

The leitmotiv of every story is always the same. Lung, Stret and cuckoo are summoned, by flashing the stern, from Boniek (Marcello Macchia in art Maccio Capatonda) for missions absurd and idiotic.

In the show there is a fourth Sexy Spies, the representative name of Largo, which is always given a task rather futile, unnecessary and equally absurd to keep her away from the real mission but in the end always turns out to be the fulcrum on which the problem is solved.

Dialogues between the amusing and the limit of dementia shots "special" and strip that's breathtaking fun even if sometimes in an attempt to exacerbate the insane tend to be somewhat 'irritating.

However I am attaching the three episodes that begin with long that, while work on that performs a variety of Bucchianico (CH), before being called by Boniek.

In the first we find the capsules of Agamemnon stolen by Don Dossena and that appropriate fret, evolve a virus that could make the world disappear from the face of the earth.

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In the second episode that shows you the modern Charlie's Angels will have to find the jug of Agamemnon, stolen from Mr. Anemone. The jar contains, inside, lentils opossolo (do not know if you write with a capital or lower case letters. However, this combined with the sausage lentil Botticelli may give light to bomb the world's most powerful bomb

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Humanitarian mission in this episode of Sexy Spies. Boniek to help convene the fact that Mark Rollerblade it into his head to steal the egg of Busto Arsizio, and that in the event of bankruptcy, could have a lowered estimate that would result in certain death. But as also along: "Who is Mark caz Rollerblade. We will find out just looking at ...

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If you liked this, as with myself, find the others on FlopTV.

Marcello Macchia

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