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Petition for Avatar in IMAX in Riccione

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Until now I thought that 3D was the one that served to us in the various cinema around Italy.

But no. Could be better, is called IMAX, and in Italy there is a room equipped with this technology inside the theme park in Riccione Oltremare.

To give you an accounting for how it should be the impression of watching a movie in IMAX just giving you some data.

The screen is as tall as a 7-storey building and long enough to contain a small whale, about 18 meters high by 26 long

Imagine how exciting it must be. The projector, weighing 600 pounds, has a Xeon lamp to 15,000 watts and the audio system consists of 44 speakers for a power of 12,000 watts.

The angle of this screen is approximately 170 °, this means that looking at the center this gives the appearance of being projected into the event as the whole view will be filled by the image projected areas without "external" .

Now, you know that there is a transposition in the IMAX format colossal Oscar winner James Cameron and then we might see in Italy, this stunning film in this amazing format?

But what to pass in the hall IMAX Italian? Documentaries on dinosaurs and on the seabed. Definitely beautiful and fascinating but I wonder: "why, since the availability of this technology in Italy do not use it to project a masterpiece of film history"?

To this end we created a petition, which I invite all to sign, to bring IMAX to Avatar in Riccione. Do not know about you but I, for this kind of experience, a trip to Riccione me I would own.

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3 Responses to "Petition for Avatar in IMAX at Riccione"

  • maury writes

    Know the system IMAX-Dome? Even better ...

    Virtually the projection (giant) is spherical with an audience very skewed. You are really immersed in the movie and the scenes are from vertigo.

    The closest? Paris: the Geode at La Villette (the museum of science and technology) and the Imax Dome Defense.

    There too. Worth a trip to Paris just for those.

    About the documentaries of Riccione. The film shot in Imax are still very few (apart from these specific documentaries). The first seems to me that it was Polar Express. As we increase effective initiation projections also in Riccione ;) .


  • maury writes

    Emilia, watch this:

    Just recovering the money from the tour we Telug associative ;) .


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Mamma mia. Absolutely ... .. and even without taking the money from Telug .... But if we take is better :-D


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