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iPad under attack

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It 'just two days the news dell'iPad output, the new but already the Apple tablet device, the network has been satisfied to find them all the defects possible and unimaginable.

Also have generously dispensed the "creatives" of the network with cartoons and photomontages. This is the one tracking shot. It starts with a Steve Jobs that in addition to presenting the iPad ie an iPhone also features the largest evolution of the MacBook

then move to an unfair comparison between the iPad and the Rosetta

This is followed by a final version multitasking dell'iPad

And then finally discover how is it produced the iPad. Takes an iPhone and a press ...

and now the real story of Moses and the Ten Commandments which were written

and now a crude comparison between what you wanted and what was achieved

and finally we realized where Apple wants to go to catch than a few years

and, finally, passateci a moment of irony, played on the fact that the PAD, in English also means "buffer"

And now, as punishment, all in a row waiting for the Italian market dell'iPad :-D

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