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The mechanic and a hard place

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The work of our consultants is often thankless. We are called to problems which, in the eyes of users seem insurmountable, perhaps miss time to understand the problem even if the solution is trivial as a click on the one hand and a canc other.

When we solve this way, in front of the customer, that maybe even thanks us, as if the banality of what made the huge problemone this 10 seconds before a no-brainer, let alone to ask if "we need something."

Today I reflected on this and I just came to mind the history of mechanical and hammer. For those who do not know the story briefly.

A driver takes his car by a mechanic as this is not starting anymore. The mechanical controls it, the dismantled piece piece, the comeback, but can not understand where the problem is.

The driver took the car to another mechanic where it is repeated without the problem solve, and so with another mechanic and another.

Finally the last mechanic that opens the door hood of the car, the controls, after which, take a hammer and a hammer on the engine. Therefore asks the driver to check if the machine restarts and, wonder of wonders, the motor starts and goes which is a beauty.

Motorists very happy and pleased the mechanic asks the price of labor. The mechanic says, "I am two hundred euros." "Well, two hundred euros for a blow to me it seems an exaggeration," replies the driver. To which the mechanic says, "The hammered actually costs only 10 cents. The remaining 199.90 euros have to know where to give the hammer. "

God, sometimes I regret not having done the right plastic surgeon.

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4 Responses to "The mechanic and the hammer"

  • Carlos Pavone writes:

    Hello Emiliano, your post happens to bean.
    Just 30 minutes ago I was pissed for the same thing.
    I would like to share your post with friends.


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    @ Carlos. Share why this thing is what makes me angry most of our work


  • maury writes

    Why not the mechanic?


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Because it's much better to deal with faces, tits and ass with engines but mainly I think we are talking about income with zero difference :-D


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