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The future of cinema. Universal MP3 to download online.

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For the Italian journalist this is the future. Let us better understand his thinking.

La rivincita del cinema e gli MP3

First of all fine with the article by the news that the film, ie those places where we go, we sit on a chair and watch a movie together with others, is not dead but in fact, after seven years, has overtaken its arch - rival, namely the DVD movie watching in the comfortable living room of home.

Fine, but then as the article continues? The fact that the future (the film?) Is something to download online. Future holds? It seems to me the death of cinema, but this gloss because it is not what I wanted to talk as much as the fact that, for the author, the future of cinema / film are "MP3" universal.

Yes, you read right. The future of film lies in the MP3, ie in an audio format, and is also universal. Now someone needs to explain

  1. will they put a film in a container only audio, perhaps, that the writer promises a future where we all blind?
  2. where to check out the adjective "universal", unless the article did not hold out a future monopoly on Universal

Sorry, I confused ideas but in the meantime, what do I do? I've decided. Sell my reader Blu Ray to buy an MP3 ignoramus despite the clerk Mediaworld obstinately maintain that with the MP3 player can only hear the music. He, the ignorant, I do not know that MP3 is the future of cinema.

Update: Ex Pierantonio my attention, via Facebook, that the news of the Republic is resumed, probably by this article in the Wall Street Journal. Obviously this article is far from cut and, if so, was then the Italian journalist, volendoci not lose much time on, he took a paragraph here, a paragraph, we put a little 'of her, she Miscellaneous and end it all came out this mess of an article.

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5 Responses to "The future of cinema. Universal MP3 to download online. "

  • maury writes

    About journalistic crap.

    Read this, it is hilarious:


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Well, this is even worse. It is one thing not to know something technical like the fact that the MP3 format is a single video, it is one thing to think that the moon will turn blue.


  • maury writes

    I do not pretend that they are spin doctors.
    What is serious is that publish without verifying a bat! Then now, with the web, a check is almost instantaneous.

    The face of professionalism.


  • Paul writes:

    Do I get now speaks of:

    a sort of "mp3 of cinema"

    steps if it wants to be sweet to make himself understood by beginners ...


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Well, this thing of "kind" is the penultimate line of the article. But both in the subtitle that in line five explicitly that the 'universal MP3' and 'the future of cinema.


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