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The cinepanettone wins. That old-fashioned I am.

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Already a few days ago I wrote about the scandal happened in Italy about the delay in output of Avatar, James Cameron's blockbuster, the only late in Italy to avoid competition with "Christmas in Beverly Hills," the cinepanettone signed De Sica.

For my part I believe that despite this odious choice, however, collections of this film were not so great. Who would be willing now to go and watch the movies usually filled with vulgar jokes, tits to the wind and the usual suspects, now coming to the hospice, who drool behind the skirt of tissue shift which could be fathers if not grandparents?

But, apparently, and as reported also, the "strange" I'm in that in the week of Christmas, the first cinepanettone is closely followed by another masterpiece, as usual Pieraccioni.

Raffronto incassi film tra Italia e Usa - Natale 2009

Just look at the comparison between Italian and American podium to ruin your day. But probably, given the box office, are the only one who thinks so.

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5 Responses to "The cinepanettone wins. That old-fashioned I am. "

  • FlaWiio writes:

    Quiet .. are not the only one to ruin the day for these things, however last week it seems that in Italy there was a little overtaking of Sherlock Holmes ...


  • maury writes

    Evabbè Emilia ... We are also in Italian where the majority votes for Berlusconi ...
    What bitterness!


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Well, I did not want to say. But since you said it. ... You're right :-D


    Maury Reply:

    News of yesterday at this link:

    Sherlock Holmes than fuck Christmas. Hope that's true. One glimmer of light cultural occasionally never hurt ;) .


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Better that way even if the second place to "Christmas in the country" is still a blow. For me it was not even a spectator would have to do

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