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Who preaches well then ill scratch

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This time I just wanted to be. Gnawed by envy for this photo on facebook

Ultima checklist anno 2009

I have tried to assert my right about the fact that so much emphasis was given to the author last checklist of 2009 with so much tissue had to outfit and no one but myself immortalized in the first checklist of 2010.

Commenti su ultima checklist anno 2009

Oh, I was convinced he had actually made the first checklist of 2010, but today I was proven wrong publicly. The first checklist of 2010 saw me have dreamed that I joined to 15:00 New Year's Eve 2010. As a consolation prize I deserved a commemorative photo with a single tissue and, instead of the other, a bodyguard of exception.

Round Thursday afternoon

Ok, this is better than nothing :P

Greetings fellow shift yesterday, although he has not hit a nail.

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2 Responses to "Whoever preaches well then scratching evil"

  • mirko writes

    're a step ahead ... It would take another 3 you


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    I bow before your wisdom :-D:-D Just invented a replicator of people, SRO the first to buy it. A Emiliano puts it at work, I put in a green cross and sent him a perennial holiday in the Maldives :-D


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