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Intraosseous instant access with BIG

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As rescuers could do some maneuvers on the patient such as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation and administration of oxygen.

All of these things, though in some cases may even save the life of a patient, have some common characteristics that allow rescuers to "lay" to implement them without the presence of a doctor or a nurse.

The characteristics that define what can or can not do are:

  1. Neutrality in the administration of drugs.
  2. Irresponsibility of the rescuer
  3. Training procedures

To clarify the first concept I refer to the case of oxygen. If you administer oxygen to a patient with respiratory deficiencies can also save the life but, fundamentally, if you give to a patient who does not need it, taking into account the time for action, does not change anything that is not cause any harm if you do oxygen to a patient who does not need it.

Regarding the second we consider the case of semi-automatic defibrillator DAE. DAE using the procedures to be implemented are virtually automatic. In fact, apart from running the correct procedure for use as a helper I have responsibilities and is the defibrillator, which decides whether or not defibrillate, how many joules applied and, after my order, the exact moment when the download is necessary. And 'I mean by this irresponsibility of the rescuer. In addition, the DAE also falls within the concept of neutrality in fact if I use the defibrillator on a patient who needs it can save his life, if you use the defibrillator on a patient who does not need it, not just the defibrillator defibrillators and thus to most, I wasted two plates.

Obviously, each maneuver performed by the rescuer, if not used correctly, can still bring harm to the patient and is therefore essential to the third concept namely that of training.

It is often said that we do everything we can rescue those procedures "non invasive" but this is not true. In my opinion, is not this what we can do the procedures differ from those that we can not do. Do not come to say that a massage is not a maneuver outside carded when invasive, although well done is often the cause of fractures to the coast more or less serious danger even with perforation of the lung. It 'just that the alternative is not acceptable and some broken ribs and a lesser evil compared to a cardiac arrest. The same applies to the insertion of a Guedel cannula, the puncture for blood glucose control or the extraction of a traumatized patient through the KED, all invasive maneuvers, which, if improperly applied, leading to the patient more harm than good.

Now, there is another drug that, like the oxygen has no contraindication, and is the saline. A drip of saline has no contraindication, but in case of strong emoragie or in case of shock ipovolumetrico, capable of restoring the right amount of fluids in the body, saving its life.

What is missing from the fact that I can infuse a rescuer as saline to the patient? Lacks the irresponsibility of the procedure. Unfortunately it access to a venous line is a complicated maneuver and not automatic and is therefore the prerogative of doctors and nurses.

But lately even this constraint is dropped due to BIG, the Bone Injector Gun. A kind of gun pressure containing a needle, positioned at certain points of the body, allowing access to a line suitable for intraosseous infusion of saline, and the arrival of advanced rescue, medicines.

Watch the video presentation of the product and tell me if it is not a trivial procedure access, even in emergency, one-way infusion of fluids.

In my opinion it will not take long before then that this maneuver, like many others, is increasingly delegated to appropriately trained lay rescuers who are usually the first to arrive where they are needed.

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2 Responses to "Instant Access with intraosseous BIG"

  • Luke writes

    Remarkable Emy ...
    Cmq let's see, Italy for these things is always a bit \ retro \ ..
    You know that makes me a little impression the movie? but perhaps the idea of \ shoot \ a needle ... so it was a less riveting : D



    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Actually makes a little 'impression the idea of shooting a needle into the bone so but it seems to be virtually painless. Yet in the movie, the guy who is "fired" the needle is awake and seem to do even a click when the needle is placed


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