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WiFi in Pescara? The origins of evil

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WiFi Zone Yesterday, Abruzzi on the issue of the Messenger appeared, full page in the chronicle of Pescara, the news of delays in the promised free WiFi network and announced more than six months ago at the Mediterranean Games, but, to date, not yet started.

Adiibite areas, living rooms to the streets and other areas of the township, the signs associated with the service we are already all but the service is, in fact, useless.

Now I do not want to be here to talk about why and how, to date, a project to be working in conjunction with the Mediterranean Games is not active yet but I want to explain the origins of evil Pescara say the real reason for this paradoxical situation.

Wifi Pescara Il Messaggero

This situation arises from the precise responsibility of a person by the name of Emiliano Bruni. Yes, your own captain.

Loris, some time ago wondered, from the pages of his blog, as ever, given the presence of local entities that are the spearheads of the national wireless, the municipality has chosen to outsource the work to implement the Public Bathrooms of WiFi in the town of Pescara to an operator estrerno.

Now I can answer both questions. In reality Micso was planning to participate in the race and no one has any doubt that if she won, at this time the service was already available. Why? Why we're not wired but we fed all the stations with radio links and so very soon.

So why Micso did not attend the race? Because your captain has missed the deadlines of the project. The notice expired, after being extended, a Monday. I on Friday I started taccogliere all documentation prepared in the preceding weeks for delivery on Monday and at one point, looking more closely I realized that on Monday, the deadline for delivery of the project was passed on Monday and not the next.

So, Pescara, mea culpa!!


In fact, looking at the figures that appeared in the newspapers regarding the amount of expenditure for this project probably would have still lost because our bid was higher than that appeared in newspapers. But you can trust that stated in the papers?

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