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The mystery of crop circles has always fascinated you? You are among those who believe that Paul McCartney is dead? Always look on Rai Due Voyager but their explanations have not satisfied?

You're ready for the truth.

With some images from the program and ridoppiaggio exhilarating, the author of Avoyager, teases Voyager and its creator and makes us understand how you can say everything is the exact opposite of everything without saying anything.

In the first video, the truth about crop circles, but not take it too seriously, please. This episode offers goodies such as:

Why in the top right we have added a titolino "traces of prophecy" when we have not used any of the two words?

or as

thousands of gigabytes of Joule our solar system

quote it to a big conspiracy theory of the web that I leave you to discover for themselves. Who's coming? In the meantime, meanwhile, you should definitely watch the first episode of Avoyager.

YouTube Preview Image

In the second video, the shocking truth: Paul McCartney is dead, crushed under the 'UFO crashed in Roswell and, from that night, the Beatles have replaced Paul with a double and have eliminated all those who approached this burning truth in what was called

the night the Beatles began to silence all those who were aware of the death of Paul and would therefore have revealed the plot

Also have you ever noticed that

The number of letters forming the word "Beatles" is equal to the number of letters forming the word "DECEASED"

These are things that give to think about, right?

Ok, all your doubts about Paul and the Beatles' plot revealed in the second episode of Avoyager.

YouTube Preview Image

And the author promises about the third episode. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Rudy for having discovered these rare gems of wisdom :-D

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3 Responses to "All the answers about crop circles and the death of Paul McCartney"

  • Antonio writes

    I think the quote refers to "gigabyte of watts, howler of a" luminary "of contrails chimiche.Giusto?


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Bravissimo. Just him :-D


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Exactly. Himself. Bravo!


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