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Simulation of fire in the town of Pineto (TE)

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Articolo da bollino rosso First, a premise. All photographs of wounds in this article are obviously being very realistic simulated but may be not suitable for highly sensitive people. In case of illness the number to call is 118.

Yesterday there was a Pineto simulation coordinated between civil protection and health training project within the regional associations belonging to 'ANPAS.

The simulation provides for the intervention at the town hall where there was a fire in place and involved principally the top field of civil protection with regard to the coordination of rescue operations and the management and eventual removal of the fire itself. The emergence then proceeded, in health, with the identification, management and transfer of the wounded event. A second event also included an incident in which he was involved a van full of boys.

But, as we usually go with order.

The appointment, for men and women of the Green Cross of Villa Rosa Martinsicuro is at 06.30 am for the preparation of resources and facilities and the scheduled departure Pineto at 07:00.

The group Green Cross departing for Pineto

It starts with a Jeep and a half later. Here's our exit a14 at Pineto right on time at 07.57.

A14 Pineto. Our powerful media

Unfortunately the other 16 groups are not well-off and then get a little 'piece-meal in the next two hours including the white cross of Alba Adriatica, the white cross of Teramo, the prose of pine forest, the Angolan Montesilvano and so on in addition to a small representation of the City of Castle.

Almost the last to arrive in large civil protection Mosciano Sant'Angelo with their powerful pieces including un'autoscala of over 30 meters wide.

Descent of a polytraumatized with litter and autoscale

Just enough time for a quick briefing and a group photo (you can enlarge by clicking on the picture below)

and we are ready to go. Obviously leaving before the civil protection assets delegates to check the situation on the ground, secure the scene and then alerted the emergency vehicles.

Unfortunately, early communication is a bit 'confused you too discreet distance from the location of ambulances than the event location and the lack of a radio link up hill, but when the ambulance approached everything becomes clearer. From the operations center there is a general demand for all ambulances sent to the area for the management of the wounded.

Your captain with the other brown Green Cross (now nicknamed "The twins are different") were placed in a health club with friends from the cross Angolana

Team 6 Cross Angolan they have posted the two Bruni

We then slingshot sirens on the fire: the town hall of Pineto. We are the first or perhaps the second ambulance on the scene and then when we enter the scene is still quite a virgin. In turn people wounded and bruised. We travel, coordinated by the officer-in-chief of civil protection to the most seriously wounded and immediately treated in particular on the landing of the second floor, a young man unconscious with a deep wound on his left cheek and, in particular, an amputation of a phalanx of left index finger. Note, in the photo below, the index on the cloth, and note also my first mistake was not put your finger in the ice. On the right, your captain in the act of placing the Saturimetri for the evaluation of the patient's vital signs.

Our first treatment, amputation left index finger phalanx

We continue however the treatment of the patient

Treatment of patients with index amputee

immobilization until the spoon stretcher and ambulance transport to the ground and advanced medical posts (PMA) prepared by the civil protection

Advanced medical post (P.M.A.)

Sbarelliamo and, leaving the patient with advanced treatment, back again on the scene. This time we expect the third floor, a girl polytraumatized

Polytraumatized presumed head injury, fractured right tibia and left radio

with various head injuries and head trauma with probable probable fracture to the radius / ulna and tibia sinist right.

Alleged tibia fracture left leg

Here, the treatment of wounded is a bit 'longer. The longer it would have been anyway because the patient is then brought ashore through the hoist mounted sull'autoscala and then the procedure of transport is already perceived as slower, but the devil takes his own.

We climb it with a handbag in three emergency oxygen but omit the splint indispensable in this case. Also the nurse on the scene explicitly require spinal board although, personally, we could put a spoon quietly on the stretcher. The driver arrived shortly after us must get back three flights of stairs to get to and to bring cord spider and steccobbende.

Pending the driver is also the time to provide emergency assistance to a rescuer who has felt ill and fainted before my eyes.

Aid of a helper fainted on my part

Then leave the rescuer in the hands of a new rescue team and, with the arrival of the driver, place your steccobbende and we are preparing to place the spinal procedure with the log-roll. First, I should have much to say on a log-roll without it there is someone in the head to stabilize the cervical spine but do not. Then I'm going to position the spider or the better we feel. Apparently, in fact, the nurse does not agree on the positioning of the spider because, according to her, I'm putting it in reverse. A little 'indulge in the flask. Final result: a beautiful cord with spider backwards and sfottò pictures and attachments. Oh, and what about a patient on a cord that was NOT put any cervical collar?

Apart from anything else the patient is sent down with the litter and we, in waiting for the girl you get there, the sky, on the stretcher

Descent of a polytraumatized with litter and autoscale

At this point we carry "the package" to the PMA and completed the first part of the simulation.

In the second part, a van full of kids had an accident and inside is a hell.

Car accident. Minibus full of kids

We arrive on site and carry a patient on polytraumatized cord. Time collar and spider are the right place. Once past but two would be ridiculous.

Also, before you go away, because I'm in a splint idle hands, seized the opportunity to block the right leg of the poor Letizia, she also involved in the incident on

Letizia with a suspected fracture to his right leg treated with splint applied by myself

This time the simulation is truly over. Happily collect our things before having tasted a hearty dish of tortellini cooked in the form prepared for the occurrence of an association of the Marche.

Form field kitchen

and to have complimented the chef of an encore.

Ultimately we go home happy and with the knowledge they have learned and thorough procedures in the field and putting them into practice is assimilated only live with the hope that this will remain always and only just a simulation.

A special mention to the municipality of Pineto, all'ANPAS regional and especially the talented makeup artists who were able to make truly effective the wounds of patients. Here's a rundown of wounds in art, starting with a right hand with a severe burn of II degree

Severe burns to his right hand

to proceed with a "beautiful" fracture

Fracture in his right arm

and always in the arms issue, fue pretty bloody wounds

Some simulated wounds

gladness and the poor disfigured by an injury to his left temple lacerocontuso

Letizia and other "wounded"

and, finally, a photo "positive", but glad wounds.

Wounded happy

Now I ask you: "do not seem real?

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    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    I health and civil protection even though the last two exercises have been placed in health that I like better anyway.


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    This post was from red dot, some of the photos are terrifying.
    Congratulations on your engagement.


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    Thanks for the idea. I added the red dot at the beginning of the article.


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