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Lunches Green Cross - December 2009

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Yesterday big moment of interaction and fun at the camping Villa Elena of Martinsicuro for lunch social volunteers and family members of the Association of Green Cross Villa Rosa Martinsicuro.

Pranzo sociale Croce Verde - dicembre 2009

Great food cooked by chefs and cooks of the association but especially great company and great socialization among people who meet almost every day between a service and another and between people who are not seen but almost never because of the different shifts.

Lunch also cheered by the sympathetic Karaoke animated by volunteers and voluntary less shy


Not to mention the final extraction of various awards went to fall into the hands of volunteers and family members including a 14''Color TV with built-in digital decoder.

In memory of the beautiful day was also present Caioni Gloria, a journalist of the Corriere Adriatico, which has reported accurately in the newspaper the atmosphere and emotions of the event and who knew how to perfectly sum up the great work done daily by the association and its volunteers distinguished themselves especially during the tragic crisis that hit this year, our beautiful region.

pranzo croce verde su corriere adriatico

I do not know if you see but if you look good, with the magnifying glass, pictured bottom right, check also the facet of your favorite captain. Do not you see? Oh well, not to do harm to anybody, add the photos that I made the group a few moments before being immortalized myself.

The men of the Green Cross of Villa Rosa

More photos in the album you can find the photo of the Friends of the Green Cross, including one that portrays your narcissistic captain


Tomorrow you will understand why a narcissist of the adjective :P

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