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Why this USB serial adapter not working?

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Hall of Fame for the series, Rocco tells me this hallucinogenic realization of its user, having the need to connect a printer USB to an old computer lacks these doors and provided only serial to 25 pin adapter has assembled this unlikely

Improbabile convertirore da USB a Seriale

From right to left we find a serial 25pin to 9pin


used, the time to connect a modem, mouse and other devices to 25 pin serial ports. Roundup continues in a serial to PS / 2

Adattatore seriale in PS/2

used to connect PS / 2 ports for older computers without a PS / 2. The construction ends on the left with a converter USB to PS / 2

Convertitore da USB a PS2

used to connect a USB mouse and keyboard PS / 2 ports.

Just the other day, in a meeting with the boys middle school, say it is very difficult to assemble or wrong in connecting a component to a PC in that, in 99% of cases where a component goes into a hole or a slot, then that is your right place.

Well, this is the remaining 1% of cases.

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3 Responses to "Why this USB serial adapter not working?"

  • maury writes

    Just for completeness, you should also say what was the result of the connection ;) .


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    True :-D
    "Oddly" the computer does not see the printer.
    But if you move the printer moves the mouse pointer on the screen :-D


  • Rocco writes

    More than anything the result was that both the printer and the serial port are dead.

    Anyway ... I really much to tell, but I can not do it on my blog. I would not want to hurt the sensibilities of my users.

    As shrewd as a user tries to replace the hard disk and can not connect molex connector at the back (I can not do even forced). Or when (brace yourselves), I will present one with a keyboard without keys and tells me, showing that they had in a bag "to help me reassemble in order?". He had removed to wash them carefully, and apparently also a common practice looking online ...
    To say nothing of what for (according to his theories) to increase the connection speed has bought a mini 4-port switch, has a connection to his computer and two on two separate chips in his office. I planted three switches (bad luck would have it, the two ended up on the plates of a port 24, port 1 of another and the two were connected in a star with another) to bus network. I had to unplug one by one from the patch panel to understand the rub (and I have over 200 ...).

    I can not even collect these gems in order to publish a book when I retire (assuming it still exists when I have the old), getting too old. Already this pearl begins to be antiquated.


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