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2009 The year 2009 will be remembered as the year of social networks, but never like this year because the various Facebook, Twitter & co. have focused the attention of the user but most of all, this symptom of a de facto legitimacy, of traditional media.

More and more often, for better or for worse, the TV and newspapers have given prominence to the implications on the social networking of the various titles of the news even if there is to see a sad reality.

While the emphasis in our beautiful country has almost always had negative connotations, as in the recent case of the statuette on the face of Silvio Berlusconi's Day and fall caused by a woman, but social networks abroad have proven itself as the main vectors the news even before this news arrived in the press as in the case of information coming from Iran or in the case of crash line on the Hudson River.

Going back to 2009 in information technology, dragged or driven classic social networking services, the 2009 has seen the rise of course also for all those services to outline how the various sites sharing videos with YouTube in the first place, of photos with Flickr to What dominates and so on, following the leitmotif that share is beautiful.

The 2009 was also the year of the "usual" browser wars with Google Chrome What dominates market share and gnaw at the "brother" Firefox and the "enemy" Internet Explorer.

The year 2009 was obviously also the year 's iPhone and Application Store that has crushed the competition with over a billion downloads in nine months.

Windows 7 arrived and arrived even Snow Leopard but the biggest surprise was that Microsoft had launched the attack at the heart of the big G, the service search engine with the introduction of Bing, spiders of Redmond, who has had an unexpected success in a niche market that has now been established and entrusted to believe more or less loving hands of Google.

Now we are to be ferried in 2010. What does the new year? The explosion of Google Wave? Increasing use of QR Code? Some new innovative service.

I do not know but since, as I always say, a picture is worth a thousand words, here's the great video summary created by Orli Yakuel, which condenses in the above image.

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