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Fun pictures from 9Gag

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Last night I spent the entire evening to enjoy the photos floating around those 9Gag. So I share with you some of the photos and cartoons that I found most hilarious. For the rest I suggest you visit their site and spend some 'time to scroll through their photos.

Course you will find pictures of the "feminine. For example, as a reason not to caption. I, too, with a girl like that next to go at once to seek a rough road to try the shock.

Seno prosperoso in auto

or like this little devil. If hell is so, a short holiday it can also make


Then there who train at, I do not quite understand, but which sport must surely be a wonderful sport if these two put us so much effort

Allenamento per sesso orale con banana

Allenamento per sesso orale con bicchieri di carta

and finally, to conclude the overview of women on 9Gag, you can find the dog in the photo below? I do not.

Tale cane tale padrone

Then no shortage of fantastic photos relating to the world of computing. I want to propose a maxi BSOF


and an ATM at reboot

ATM reboot

So, to humor the series computer, here's a nice array of how the fanatics of some operating systems see the other OS

Come si vedono gli OS Fansboy

and a parent who truly original, a pair of twins, has bought the t-shirts CTRL-C and CTRL-V keys universally known for the operation of Copy & Paste

Fratelli in copy and paste

Do not miss the moments of high philosophy at 9Gag, like Hamlet dilemma of the position of the roll of toilet paper

Posizionamento rotolo carta igenica

Then could not miss a photo relating to the scope of health. Truly unique markings to indicate a preferred Relief health

Corsia preferenziale soccorso sanitario

And here, again in terms of roads, an economic and safe effective alternative to the usual speed cameras

Sagoma per autovelox

I conclude with a bloody photomontage

Dita mozzate

an explanation of why only Japan attacked Godzilla

Godzilla a scuola

and finally, an explicit message from nature.

Dito medio dalla natura

Well, if I have not intrigued by these photos to visit the site of 9Gag, then you deserve a Christmas with Ebenezer Scrooge

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