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From tomorrow and peer to peer file sharing legal

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cassetta pirata Reading Quintarelli's comment on his blog in relation to the ruling of the Supreme Court which gave the court reason to GIP di Bergamo in response to the kidnapping on Italian soil, site, The Pirate Bay jumped me in the eyes part of the grounds where Cassation held that the

if your website is limited to provide the communication protocol (such as peer to peer) to allow the sharing of files containing the work covered by copyright, and their transfer between users, the owner of the site would actually 'stranger to the crime

So, from what little I understand legalese, if the site ( it was limited to the above mentioned site was unrelated to the crime complained of.

Quintarelli, reply to the passage above, commenting that perhaps the judges are not clear what is a communication protocol, but I feel I go further and, like a technician, I try to understand what the phrase word for word.

We start from the website. What is a website. I would say that a website is usually a service on port 80 that provides information, usually in the form of HTML but also in the form of JPEG, GIF, PNG, XML, PDF, and so on and so forth.

Now if I have a service listening on port 80, instead of providing HTML pages, make available to the protocol peer to peer or better, if I configure my peer to peer client to accept incoming connections on port 80


then this is not exactly what he says when he speaks of Cassation "website (which) only to provide the communication protocol (such as peer to peer)" and then, in this case, I am not about saying the Supreme that this is just a special case for which "the owner of the site itself (ie me) would actually 'stranger to the crime"?

Hurray! From tomorrow all to share our files legally on the P2P network through the liberalization of port 80. He says the Supreme

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