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I wrote 465 days ago:

Now, I can only capture and edit movies to make the talk accessible to the community. Mhh, we say that the deadline is certainly by 2008, be sure

Make no mistake a couple of Ciufoli :P

Another Italian Perl Workshop is past and what previous movies had not yet online. So in addition to the tapes of 2008

IPW2008 - The cassette of talk

have accumulated even those of 2009

Videotapes of IPW2009

Exasperated by this accumulation of material to be dematerialized, I set a good pace and finally inaugurated today, albeit with 465 delays, the online movie last IPW2008 that for self-punishment, is just one of the undersigned on captive portal .

So if you are interested or curious about the Perl, you can look at all the videos of the Italian Perl Workshop 2008. Among the videos that really deserve, I must mention that of Fabio Poletti on how to build a bot for IRC, one of Tim Bunce, the inventor of DBI on the myths of Perl and of course the 150-minute introductory course on Perl for Gianni Ciccarelli advice to all those who want to start programming in Perl.

If you're curious about the moments instead "social" event, here's the video of the social dinner attended by many of the speakers of the event.

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