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Basic Life Support and Defibrilation laugh

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BLSD logo Yesterday an article a bit 'strong especially for someone like me has the belly full and does not want to hear about diet until 2010.

For bilanciale and to defuse a little 'atmosphere then here are a couple of laughs on the procedure for resuscitation of patients in cardio respiratory arrest.

We begin immediately with the legendary Mr. Bean tries to apply his own way, the procedures for resuscitation by heart massage, mouth to mouth respiration until the patient's defibrillation. Certainly, if one applied by Mr. Bean is the protocol in use in English-speaking islands then better choose some other place to spend a vacation period ;)

to switch to a complete chest drain, drip of adrenaline, defibrillator and resuscitation with appurtenances but on a very special patient

and, finally, the legendary episode with Zelig Giacobazzi on 118

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