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Asus Eee Box, evidence of a truly complete miniPC

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I had a chance these days to try an Asus Eee Box, a miniPC size but contained very respectable performance, with features that make it so ideal as office automation workstation very little cumbersome. Asus Eee Box - Vista posteriore The prodottino, despite the minimum size (178 × 223x16mm for a weight of 1.1 kg) shows an overall hardware of all respect. The engine is a classic and reliable processor Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz flanked 1 GByte of RAM expandable, which never hurts, to 2 Gbytes. A large HD and graphics card 160Gbyte of INTEL 945GSE mean that the product's performance are optimal with operating systems that require graphics and speed as the windows manager Compiz Linux or how the effects Aero Windows 7. Obviously they could not miss the network interfaces of both 10/100/1000 Ethernet and wireless technology in 802.11n for optimal access and fast local network and Internet. Complete the endowment a 5.1 sound card inside and a card reader. The product tested was equipped with operating system software or rather was equipped with only Splashtop, renamed Linux distribution from Asus Express Gate, which allows you to take advantage of browser, email, skype in less than 10 seconds from power on the PC. asus-eee-box-express-gate Since obviously interested in this feature I proceeded immediately to remove it even for those two / three seconds less when the boot. So, first thing, I proceeded to install on Windows XP Home via an external USB CD ROM. asus-eee-box-fronte The installation was successful and the subsequent installation of the drivers in the Support CD that came with the Eee Box has allowed the immediate recognition and enjoyment of all the devices of the product. The speed in the 'installation and use of office automation software, browser, antivirus and email programs have confirmed the capabilities of this product to be successful where they are necessary features of network access, word processing, spreadsheets and graphs. We were unable to perform the tests as to push the graphics but the confirmation of operation of components such as Compiz or Aero bodes well for the use of this product even with something as fun. The photo above shows the product placed on a metal base, which puts him upright on the desk, but what is even better to maximize the opportunities for work and his position behind the monitor. The Asus Eee Box provides for support to be positioned behind the monitor according to the standard VESA 75 and 100. In fact, if you make the case on the back of your LCD monitor you'll find four holes arranged at the vertices of a square of side respectively 75 or 100mm depending on the adhesion to the first or second standard. These holes are usually in place the monitor on brackets or wall. The Eee Box uses these holes as the attachment point for the attachment of the product on the back of the monitor. Asus Eee Box montato dietro ad un monitor Despite netting the lowest quality of the monitor, a 15''dated, the Eee BOX is definitely the best of itself, would not it?

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