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A wireless network ... thrilling

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house-no-wifi This is for technical, I do not want. From newsgroup it.comp.reti.wireless

I would like to purchase a Draft N wireless router that has 3 antennas "unscrewable.

Huh? What do you want? Antennas unscrewable??

The technical question is: thanks to three extensions, we can put three antennas in three apartments (neighboring) different, or the antennas must necessarily be all three in the same environment?

Apart from the crap of three extension cords from an AP instead of three cables that connect three network access points, but if there are three antennas, it is probably a MIMO access point and, coincidentally, the three antennas are all in the same place. Read three lines from Wikipedia before you speak??

Currently I have a router placed in the basement, which I put an extension cord to the antenna and I took 2 floors up.

I do not think you understand, or rather, I do not understand. Do you have a wireless router in the basement and instead of getting on two floors with a network cable and make them a new access point you have "cannibalized" the antenna of the access point of the basement, you've pulled up two floors of wire antenna and you put the antenna on the second floor? Never heard of a wire antenna dissipates the signal? No. Let's do the math with 10 meters (32 feet) of cable antenna at 2.4 GHz?

Attenuazione di dieci metri di cavo antenna a 2.4Ghz So you're throwing 90% of the signal. All this for not having written a rag of a network cable.

The wireless network works fine on the second floor. As you may have guessed, however, I have no wireless network in the basement.

Fantastic. You did a flight of fancy, although an AP in the basement to bring the WiFi signal at the second floor and now you need the WiFi signal in the basement. What will you do? Put a MIMO AP to the second floor and then extended its antenna to the basement and two other premises.

Ok, with that background, you can do anything you want.

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