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No, not thinking of the TV transition from analogue to digital but a local event to this blog though somewhat momentous.

The abandonment of Movable Type as a blogging platform and a switch to WordPress.

The Wordpress Monster eating Movable Type

The transition was pretty long, more than a week and that is why, in this period, the frequency of publication of new articles has suffered a bit '. And speaking of things that there were quite a few ', from the Bam Bam Ristosauro of St. Martin in the race to the exercise of civil protection, but there will be time to talk about these things in the coming days.

In this article I propose instead a few reasons that I have more or less forced to this step and the difficulties encountered.

why_choose First of all because I switched to WordPress? Well, the reasons are many. First, since I tried WordPress I loved the simplicity with which you can publish posts, manage tags and categories. Also the incredible flood of additional plugins made it really great for quickly and easily add functionalities and features that I felt left out of my blog and I could not add due to time constraints.

I had also already made plugins and themes for WordPress and then switching to this blogging platform did not frighten me much.

But the main reason is that the administration of Movable Type had become unmanageable. While the published version, which consists of static pages, was obviously fast, the part of administration and publication of news was slowed even more fantastic forcing me to wait many minutes before you can move from login to being published and then minutes and minutes for the review of the articles.

Somehow I do not ask me. I tried a little 'around and it seems that, apart from general problems of slowness, there was no one who had problems such as heavy as me. Maybe some strange interaction between the server running on my blog or something similar.

The fact is that the alternative was to try to discover the arcane or throw the whole thing and start from scratch. I chose this second option.

steps At this point could only discover how to proceed with the mammoth task of converting all the stuff piled on my blog to pass the new system.

I must say that the hardest thing that I thought that is the transfer of articles and comments between a system and the other was rather semplicisimo and immediate. The export of articles and comments of Movable Type is fully digested by WordPress and then magically I found the articles in the new system.

An addition to the links of the images, however, simplified by the fact that Movable Type generates static sites so all the stuff, pictures, videos and other files on the file system is, however, and here is the central part of the blog ready to operate.

The first was obviously buries the creation of WordPress theme that would recreate the graphics of my blog today. In part I tried to redo the graphics from scratch to give also a new stimulus to the layout but then, after realizing that already convert the original graphics would be a long job, I've decided to delay in creating a new graphic layout and leave this part a possible later change. In fact, even so, the conversion of the old graphics under WordPress took me a few days.

Another work that brought me to delay the publication of my blog on this new system was the implementation of the left sidebar. Here a little 'have been helped by the WordPress plugins and widgets, but want to because some things do not exist or because it took me some time to understand the operation mechanism of the widget, widgets they want because some behaviors that I did not like the end some things I had to rewrite them from scratch. Meanwhile, time passed.

Finally, added the plugin for voting on the stars and that the number of visits might be close to the end and instead I found myself in front all'affosso bigger.

If in doubt whether to import or not to vote and visits allocated to items in the background I decided it was quite easy to import this and I started beating down with a will to achieve this synchronization scripting when I realized that the IDs of Articles in were different from Movable Type to WordPress. Disaster.

Down then other scripts to convert the IDs of the articles in those of Movable Type to WordPress. Eventually I succeeded, and as side effects, I also synchronized the permalinks for WordPress with those of Movable Type Movable Type severed because the permalinks, extracting it from the title, the 15th character while WordPress uses them all. To avoid similar problems with Google and I've also done this synchronization.

Ultimately I think I synced everything and leaving nothing but, I beg you, let me know if something is not working.

In step I gained the ability to automatically share articles automatically in my blog about the most common social networking platform


Besides the possibility, alongside the share, print the article with a format more suitable to be printed

wp_print besides many other small pieces that make the blog more friendly and more attractive for visitors and search engines such as, for example, the map of visits

wp_visite Most viewed items, the ones most voted, recent comments and so on.

For the moment I got here, but given the multitude of plugins present on WordPress, it is said that in the next few days does not appear to someone else.

What do you think? Was I right or I was wrong to bear this hard work migration between Movable Type to WordPress?

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