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Linux meets the boys Crecchio

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Saturday, November 27th the "boys" TeLUG are moved to reach the delightful village of Crecchio in the province of Chieti, with the aim of familiarizing the boys middle school programs and the operating system Linux and open source, navigating led as shown in the picture below, their "best weapons."


In the meeting, which lasted about three hours, attempted to share with the kids and teachers at the school, the basic idea that there is an alternative and that not only exists in the world of Windows, Microsoft Office but also other products that fight the advance of closed systems opposing a strict philosophy of openness of language and code.

Claudio Scaccia introduce gli argomenti dell'evento

Participation was, as you see, quite large and, in particular, we were pleased by the fact that an event was prepared in a short time, has instead given to the children and teachers a great deal of discussion and moments of interest.

The work begins with Claudio Scaccia introducing the day with gratitude to the teachers, pupils and the municipal administration of Crecchio that allowed the event. It passes the word to the undersigned that, for the first time in an event organized by TeLUG, presents a new subject: what's inside the computer.

Using my WalledPc, I showed what is inside of it, in some ways, magic box called the computer. Starting by food, through the CPU and ending with the various additional video cards, network and so I briefly described the operation of every single component that allows the operation of our home PC.

Grazie al WalledPc, presente l'interno di un computer

Thanks to Hugh Mastellani have also been able to see the inside of a hard disk drive and explains the operation of the head and trying to understand the difference between a mass storage type and a magnetic-type electronic. At the end of the intervention, Claudio then transported the WalledPC between the desks to allow the boys to give a sneak peek a little 'closer to this mysterious object.

Continues Maurizio Antonelli with the classic presentation of how the Linux operating system and founded the open source philosophy. Same maury then takes us inside a virtual sky through the program KStars. Emotions ran high to hear the "ohhh" boys durations approaching virtual galaxies, nebulas and planets.

Maurizio Antonelli e la filosofia opensource The meeting continues with Fabio Riccio that provides an overview on some open source software, from the classic in VLC and other multimedia software. Obviously can not miss a moment purely aesthetic with the windows and the cube of elastic Compiz.

Fabio Riccio e, dietro, la distribuzione LinuxMint Another playful moment dedicated to the opensource world there Maury gives him that, using the original DVD, offers ten minutes of fun and laughter to the big boys with Big Buck Bunny, the cartoon made by the team of Blender with their animation software and the 'aid and other instruments as opensource.

A fitting conclusion for a morning which, I think, wisely Miscellaneous utility, interesting, the entertaining and educational in a mix that never allowed the young audience to fall into boredom and distraction.

Thanks to Claudius, who dedicated himself completely to the implementation and success of the event, to Hugh Mastellari for hard disk naked and for the excellent pictures without which it would be possible to tell this worthy event and for having made available online maury .

Then if you want a different point of view we mark the comment on the event written by Maury.

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