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avatar-new-poster.jpg I did not want to believe the explanation of Flavio's Italian date on the slip of the film Avatar, megaproduzzione stellar $ 200 million of the renowned director James Cameron, who released a preview of December 18, 2009 in all theaters of the world excluding Italy .

The explanation of Flavius? The shift has been wanted by the Italian distributor to avoid overlap with the usual Christmas cinepanettone with the inevitable De Sica. No, unfortunately, not De Sica's father, De Sica, son.

Did not want to believe. I could not believe we were so ragged by replacing a colossal American, not with a film of ours but with the copyright filmaccio usually full of asses, tits and various vulgarities.


Yet I have to lower the evidence. It 'just so.

What can I say: we are just bringing up the rear.

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