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Report and photos of LinuxDay 2009 in Teramo

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Updated 2009-10-25 20:17

Thanks to Maury, added more photos of LinuxDay. All Photos can be found here, in particular, here's the group photo at the end of the event.

Group photo

Great day yesterday for the operating system Linux, the fulcrum of a series of events dedicated to him in over 120 cities. In Teramo we celebrated appropriately at the Auditorium of the 'Istituto Tecnico Commerciale and Programmers "Blaise Pascal" of Teramo.

Big turnout of the public, especially in the morning with over 300 appearances.

Public LinuxDay 2009 in Teramo

Very concerned, given the location, to talk sul'E-learning held by Paul Gatti and Paul Piersanti

Paolo Gatti

Equally interesting for those of Raffaele Dell'Aversana the likely successor to Java, Scala

Raffaele Dell'Aversana

Boys tired and noisy than the undersigned, on perl

Emiliano Bruni

The afternoon devoted to an audience closer to home use with seminars on the use of Firefox (Valeria Durante), aware and safe use of electronic mail messages using encryption technologies and kstar, a global open source really catchy (Mauritius Antonelli).

This year, much attention has been given to the event by the press with a recovery by the TG3 region and that in his article on national LinuxDay quotes so our event:

A Teramo, in at the Technical Institute "Blaise Pascal", there is a conference with speeches on cryptography and programming. It also announced the possibility of obtaining a digital certificate for free, for personal use, for email communications.

Ultimately, an event fully managed by the joint organization of TeLUG and teachers of the school that our hosts, excellent speakers and the attentive audience.

A big thanks especially go to all the speakers, which I believe is unique in the world, have remained largely on schedule by their actions allowing early closure of the morning session of almost 40 minutes and closing on time that afternoon.

Thank you all and see you at LinuxDay 2010 in Teramo.

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