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A bit 'of days ago I noticed that the street maps of the territory of present Controguerra on OpenStreetMap were very scarce as to be practicable only through the SP2 and a piece of the ring


For those who do not know, OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the world, built largely from scratch using GPS traces, and released under a free license.

The OpenStreetMap License allows free access and use of images of the map and all the data used to create it.

In the final version is an "open" and "non commercial" of the various maps such as those present on the waterway, or Google Maps. The difference is that, being free, anyone can use it to create, for example, a navigator, or to insert a map on its website.

Because OpenStreetMap provides all the tools to edit the world map, I decided, in my small way, to add any information of my country.

Behold, as it is now the map of the same area


Sure, there is still much, like the whole street that leads to Tronto and Colonel, now, does not exist and there are still a bit 'narrow streets controguerresi but if you go to see the live version Enlarge definitely notice many more details than the photo above.

Therefore if you see a fool around the streets of Controguerra without any goal, Never mind, he's just doing a little 'healthy GPS tracking

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