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The house of our dreams

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Have you ever reflected on the fact that every time you go on vacation the most stressful having to carry around half the house. Well, now the problem is solved because your home is with you.


Some numbers of this convenient "home yacht. And 'long 58 meters wide, 38 and with a tonnage of 2400 tons, 3400 square meters of living space, how much autonomy needed to make 4 times around the Atlantic without getting gasoline. Obviously there all the comforts including a pool from 25 meters. An eye to ecology with 9000 square meters of solar panels for 2000 kW / h of energy produced.

After such great magnificence can not be prevented from running at once to buy it. This "boat" can also be paid in convenient monthly installments of 400 Euros / month. In a few hundred thousand years to pay it all you should do it

Seriously this concept called WHY (Wally Yachts Hermes) is really very beautiful and the raytracing really fantastic. The only question is: who can afford the purchase of this yacht once implemented?

Check out the video and deburred with me.

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