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Batman is cool, the three videos GemBoy

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With a slight delay but allows me to bring everything together in a single post, here are the latest three releases GemBoy Colorado Cafè devoted to Batman.

We start from the first made from a parody of "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas where the chorus is introduced in this series devoted to Batman, and some fantastic phrases

The shirt with BAT sells more than BAZ - Wonder Woman I'll take the villa - Two shots two Du - The spiderman me great

and the fantastic final

Catwoman fills it with pellets, then the port in the dressing room and .... Fly owl ... no ... do you fly the bat!

The second part begins with the evil announcer who calls them "Ghemboy, but oh well the song begins with a cover of Building Alessandra Amoroso then return to "classic" I Gotta Feeling.

I've got a cave full of bats. Scagazzano my head but I've got the bat-umbrella - Even BAZ wearing BAT - Wolverine with blades can only cut the salami - Catwoman and I are A.. Cats

And third, perhaps the funniest of all, with the Uprising of the Muses to come back I gotta feeling and short passages on Paparazzi and Poker Face (Joker indeed rather stupid idiot Potter ) Lady Gaga.

I see you clap your hands everybody ... man ... .. bat bat bat ... ... man ... man - a man also stretches the rubber ca ... ca ... catwoman It takes a parcel from my enemy, he was not so shit I say, how can you, as you do, try not to ever JOKER FESS

If you have ever laughed ... then you are sick

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