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Caparezza a great version of Tron

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Bellissimo video that follows the good old Tron which, incidentally, will be revived soon to the cinema. An excellent text and very good reason for that geek wizards at Caparezza.

Unfortunately I can not offer the video here because it is disabled embedding in other blogs but go and see it on YouTube because it is really worth.

For those not willing, then some short rhyme beccatevi extracted from the full

That must be why there is always some bloggers that I would invest as Frogger, the bucher tires and bye-bye, the limit can make me a Sega Megadrive. I'll just save a lemming, or stay here to make the mold as Fleming.
But no star, I shut myself in more of Sonic hedgehog, until you lose the armor as Ghost'n'Goblins
I take money with his fist raised as Super Mario, but I have never spent for me the lines as Tetris. The rap scene is controversial, I escape with a jump from Prince of Persia.
I live among people who spend their lives with Red Alert on the cubes as Q Bert. I saw crazy, and recalling old ghosts as Pac Man and Dan Aykroyd and I saw that solve tough problems, raising walls torn down, as I did in Arkanoid

What to say? Fantastic.

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