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A font with your writing? Today it is possible.

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In any self-respecting geek should not be missing a font that resembles to a precise his writing. But how do you make such a font to use then in various programs such as, for example, Microsoft Word?

Nothing could be easier as you can see from the example below that uses the font derived from my writing


just use the free online service offered by and it comes down to a few simple steps.

First you download a template that is then printed and then when you write, box by box, the letters on with his writing. This, for example, is my font from which it derived the above


The template with your writing must be scanned and posted on the site and then, magically you will be able to download the font on. Double click and the font is installed and is immediately usable in all your programs.

Nothing could be easier, and from that moment on, all the things you write will have your personal stamp.

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