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Open up all your phone calls private?

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Now you can ... with the iPhone.

It 'a while' I wondered why there were no applications for the iPhone yet capable of recording any phone call.

And that is why I read this news:

CallRecording: The first application to record outgoing calls on the iPhone

I immediately rushed to download the application. While waiting the download I read the news in full.

They discover that:

  • works (for now) only for the many Israeli
  • To register, connecting to an international service for which the call will also cost more than normal
  • privacy is not assured because all the recorded conversations are accessible by anyone through this link.

And indeed, going to that link, you can hear the calls of people who have used this service. The apotheosis of privacy.

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It 'an optical illusion or more I get, the more the button "Delete Download" becomes huge?

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