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When using the phone, you adequate protection?

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E 'yesterday's news really alarming. The phones are radioactive.


E 'therefore necessary to take all appropriate measures during their use. If you can then purchase a cover of lead, if you really can not afford it, we are out of the gloves that block 90% of the radioactivity of your and our phones.

Certainly, the ideal would buy and use mobile phone only inside a glove box. From leaks, for example, it seems that the version below


is one that will be distributed along with the next version of iPhone. It will be a bit 'awkward to use and carry it behind but ensures perfect protection against radioactivity.

Below the shocking article in "The Center" which denounces this incredible discovery to cell phones.


For the record, and because of the unclear picture, I summarize the main developments:

Apparently the Blackberry Curve is in fourth place with a radioactivity equal to 1.54 watts per kilogram.
Among the less waste there are other models Samsung ...

Ok, enough with this subtle irony and become serious.

Mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves, and then obviously radiation have any effect. But it is to remember that everything emits radiation, for example, to view an object this must reflect issues or electromagnetic waves in the field of visible light.

But from issuing radiation to be radioactive (and therefore emit radiation α, β, γ), there passes.

Someone wants to explain to his friends of "The Center" that two words, although similar, is not told that they must necessarily mean the same thing.

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