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For those who like to play on the computer, especially with RPG games, and do not have a Logitech G-series, then he just can not refrain from buying this G13 keyboard that can not be defined because it has all the keys and the letters of a keyboard normal, as a gameboard.

The G13 offers a perfect comfort as the ergonomic shape fits perfectly to the position of the hand and wrist.

Though the G13 can be used as the sole means of play thanks to the joystick to the right in an ideal position for use by the left thumb, it is also true that every player who respects your right hand will not leave unused but will use it to challenge a mouse high-level management perspective of the player. Because of this, the joystick is still often delegated to the simple function of executing commands.

The G13 comes in a pack simple and functional, as always we have used the manufacturer of that product.


Software intuitive at best, not only recognizes immediately the games installed on your computer but automatically load a different profile for each game, appropriately remapping the function keys.


The G13 has a large configurable display of 160 × 43 pixels which may look different information including, by default, are loaded a nice watch, a check of the RAM and CPU of the machine, a multimedia player, an RSS reader and so on .

The display itself and all keys are backlit and you can configure the color of the backlight within a wide range of colors, controlled by software, in an instant as shown by the following video.

Furthermore, for each profile you can associate a color backlight to become immediately aware of the type of profile loaded at the time.

Of course, like other keyboards of the family G, supported the creation of macros to associate pressing multiple buttons or perform different actions to a single element.

The use is straightforward and functional, thanks to the layout of keys which, although compact, closely follows that of the keyboard, unable to be operational soon and playing at full speed after a short time.

I noticed a slight slowdown in some games but it disappeared once I deactivated the views useless (RSS reader, clock, etc ...) on the display, leaving the essentials (CPU, game statistics).

Ultimately a tool that has convinced me immediately as evidenced by the video below, made after a few minutes using the G13 with America's Army 3 from which one sees in three matches, I can stretch 12 "bastards." We give credit to handle 20% to 60% of ass and at least a 20% Give her the new Logitech G13.

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