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I gemboy on Colorado Cafè with Poker cleft. Impossible!

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I just "collided" with gemboy version Colorado Cafè. Can not tell you. Yet it was they and their presence seems to be constant in the various episodes as at least announce their site:

Yes, it seems incredible, but the Gem Boy, thanks to the experience of slugs Shoo, have won a small space within the transmission Colorado Café.
The training for the express request of the authors will not be complete but will perform only Carlo and Max in a song / parody new, unprecedented period of about 2 minutes in each episode. Like all television broadcasts, however, will be the Auditel with his "share" to determine whether, when, how, how, etc.. i Gem Boy will remain on that platform: it may be only the first episode if the ratings are bad, or all 8 episodes if the ratings are very good ...

So if you want to hear 3, 4, 6 or even 8 brand new songs, every tune on Italy 1 Friday at 21:15 i VCRs, tell friends and above all you get (with the good, the bad or poor) who possesses the "meter" dell'Auditel to watch when there are the Colorado Gem Boy :-)

Here below a preview of the original video for the song "POTTER FESS" presented tonight in Colorado Cafè, a cover of the recent "Poker Face"

... You are gay you are gay ... if we never try ... Potter ... use at least a cleft stick
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