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Hearts in Motion - A brief guide

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It 'was just a nice afternoon of spinning one past Saturday in Alba Adriatica seafront Marconi. It is also associated with pleasure when the social donate to charity the proceeds to help friends of the Eagle, then the presence is a must.

All the bikes were lined up, two at a time, starting from the chalet Marconi, to Tortoreto and although they had not expected the mile, but only three or four hundred feet of bike, the sight was truly spectacular offered


Arrived, I made my offer, I took the bracelet stating their participation in this event and I started looking for a bike. Being alone, I preferred to choose a good bike compared to a distant but closer to the stage, but more, say, worn.

This allowed me to take a bike ride with a decent and also to analyze how the organization was in the rear.

Begin immediately by positive things. Obviously the event and the wonderful atmosphere, excellent organization and particular has started virtually perfettto time symptom that the available seats were all occupied well in advance.

Gaspare Firmani.jpg

Virtually the entire ride was followed, except for a short initial section made by a trainer Aquila in the name escapes me, by Gaspare Firmani.

Four stretches of 10 minutes, interspersed with two flat and two uphill. The two fast, flat sections interspersed by short out of the saddle. The first section of the climb with an escalation that, starting from 10 seconds off the saddle and 50 of recovery has led us to 50 seconds out of the saddle and 10 of recovery. The second leg out of the saddle but with variations in time and style every 30 seconds that have really put a strain on our bodies. Great Gaspar then than he had ever seen or heard.

Only negative note, I think inevitably vistra the type of ride was the sound that loudspeakers sent from the waterfront is really critical. Especially in my area there was a loudspeaker that she was a minute and one not.


So for 50% of the time we realized only the rhythm and style, however, even for the remaining 50% of the time, as the voice of Gaspar coming quite understandable, the music continued to be very low so that the rhythm is sensed only recognizing the song. For those who like me have already taken other lessons of Gaspar, the thing was still easy but for someone who was perhaps the first lesson in spinning, follow it all must have been really difficult.

However, once again, a problem seen perfectly right that they have to cover in length such a high number of feet and then carry this little problem just for the record that in no way invalidates the excellent organizational work of all those who have fanned the task of organizing such a important event.


Hope and doubt. The hope is that the event is repeated next year. The doubt: "but we beat the world record guinness or not?

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