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YAPC:: Europe 2010 in Pisa

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E 'with great pride that I announce that YAPC:: Europe Foundation (YEP) has decided to assign to the role of organizer of Pisa Yet Another Perl Conference YAPC:: Europe 2010, the Continental Conference of Programming Perl, when the annual exchange of ideas and information among Perl programmers in Europe.


The pride comes from the fact that the allocation of the venue by YEP comes from a deep selection of various constraints and requirements that the location must have to satisfy the amount of people coming usually at these events. Just to give an idea, for 2010 were nominated two other major European cities, but in the end made her want to Pisa for the excellent organization dell'IPW2008 for both the credentials presented during the selection of host city event of 2010.

Just to give an idea of the work here is the document that summarizes the proposal, now winner of Pisa for the YAPC:: Europe 2010. If you notice, in the document, is also your captain but I would immediately point out that the victory of Pisa to host this event is mainly due to the strong commitment of the Pisan and Mongers of But the undersigned promises to be an active part when it comes to roll up their sleeves for the effective organization of the event.

But 2010 is still to come and there is still the 'IPW2009 to doors that looks to be a manifestation of high quality with extremely prestigious international guests.

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