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Why use Twitter when there's Tumblr?

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How many of you participate in social networking using various tools, Facebook, first, that at present is the best "social connector" and Twitter to relieve short information messages to my contacts.

Facebook is sufficiently satisfied but it was on Twitter that I have my doubts. I understand that he was born along the lines of an SMS text message but if the digital mobile phone technology has reason to limit the number of typed characters, just do not understand why bring this "defect" also in digital version. Furthermore, the inability to insert pictures in the "twit" if not supporting external services, makes it even more stressful.

But now all this is over how, thanks to Rudy Flag, I discovered Tumblr.


With Twitter I have all the advantages of Twitter, especially the speed and simplicity of sending my thoughts, my news, a photo of me in all my contacts, without the flaws of Twitter.

With Twitter I can add a link to something interesting, add a photo, a quote or even a video or audio files in a simple and immediate.


I have no limits on length of text, pictures are large enough and there are lots of issues with which to customize their news page, and if one wants, the page is fully configurable by editing the HTML template.


Other significant features are those having a domain or even use your domain to point to the page of Tumblr.

I, for example, I chose the link

In short, a system that, if you do not already have one staff, allowing two minutes to create your own blog easy to manage and update especially for someone like me, knows how hard to keep updated on their blogs.

Obviously a tool "simple" upgrade of its "social profile" could not be said that without an appropriate instrument "mobile" for the update and insert new news. In fact Thumblr is not far behind with an iPhone application that allows almost immediate way to do almost everything that is done from the web classic.

tumblr_iphone.jpg tumblr_iphone2.jpg IMG_0607.PNG

Moreover, like any self-respecting social tools, are guaranteed connections with other social networking platform so that, for example, everything that I send to Tumblr is immediately visible even on my Twitter account and my Facebook friends.

Now, my next "effort" would be to have, automatically, published here on my blog, all news and photos published by Tumblr, so as to have everything in one pot.

At this point I ask: "but what are you waiting to make you an account on Twitter?".

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