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Health sucks? Guilty of ADSL

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Finally discovered the reason why, in Italy, healthcare is in shambles. Guilt and ADSL. And so that's a fearless general manager decides to increase the production quality of their company by closing the valves to their employees, penalizing all sites other than their being strictly work-related.


A wanting to go back for a moment serious, I do not think that this is the main cause of the production level of the ASL, since, if one has no desire to work is that if you take away the INTERNET back to being productive. There is always the Gazzetta dello Sport, iPod, or, in rarer cases, a good book.

But, with this post, I did not really give a positive or negative action of the Director of ASL as you analyze with some small blunders of this document.

We start from the object: "black sites ADSL. I would have understood "websites", I would have understood "websites", but "ADSL sites" no. Dear Editor, suffice to say "black sites" also because I seem to remember that you will, in ASL, you have a CDN and not un'ADSL.

We go into the first paragraph. The reason for the blackout seems to be that all employees, physicians and capisale are always connected to the booking site travel, holidays (and Oh well ... it's the term), sports (the alternative is much, and it's always nice newspaper pink), gourmet recipes (????) etc, etc.. Well, do not know about you, but I think 95% of the traffic that caused the blocking of Internet access lies in that "etc.etc." It is the good old ... PORN !!!!!! And then, just as serious: where is the main clause? Forgotten in the drawer?

Second paragraph. It starts with a terrible doubt. Some ISPs complained with the ASL for the fact that their dipenendenti make many requests to their sites from potholes. This is, in fact, at first at once, meaning that I give to the phrase "As these sites are occupied for a long time ..". Easier reading, the meaning is rather clear, but could be expressed much better. And then, but throughout the paragraph, where the main clause? Forgot this too in the same drawer?

Fourth paragraph: "I can not say that at this point ..." and then do not communicate!!

At the conclusion of all this I would say that with the money saved by this "laudable" initiative, propose to pay for two courses to dear Director General, one to improve his knowledge of the Internet world, and one to learn how to better utilize dear Italian.

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  • Contributor writes

    But sorprattutto is the ache to see how a person with a very approximate knowledge of the Italian language can fill the role of Director-General paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


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