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Do not Worry, Be Happy and neural networks

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-Bobby McFerrin-dont-worry-be-happy-capitol-1993.jpg

Who wrote the famous song "Do not Worry, Be Happy"? At first one would say dressed up Bob Marley but no. The song was written by that Bobby McFerrin.

To read his biography seems a really interesting guy. First, all the instrumental part of "Do not Worry, Be Happy" is entirely made of sounds produced by McFerrin himself and then mixed in during production. So much so that McFerrin is the creator of music beatboxing.

Truly eclectic character, for example, not content with his success as a singer and jazz musician, decided to study conducting, taking lessons with Bernstein, Ozawa and Meier and thus directs the Symphonic Orchestra of San Francisco, the New York Philharmonic, and in 2007, he performed at La Scala in Milan directing the Filarmonica della Scala.

There 's but now wonder why my interest in him and that has relevance to the neural networks that, for those who do not know, are mathematical models that, following the examples of the interconnections of brain neurons, are trying to approach the solution problems in science through amendment of the connections between mathematical structures. Think for example how, after several years of learning, we all managed to climb the stairs without a problem and think about how this thing is still very difficult to "teach" to a robot.

Well, in his appearance at the World Science Festival 2009, Bobby McFerrin shows how easy programming for human brains, those of the poor spectators, while it is so difficult to program a robot to climb stairs.

If at the end you do not understand what's spectacular about that, the article by Matthew Flora, can give you a hand to understand the beauty of what happens in the video above.

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