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Controguerra capital of spinning for the evening

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Spinning Controguerra a great evening at the first event


the 01 August at the square of Commerce.

Two-hour event, more than 60 participants, nine instructors on stage to give life to one of the most important events in the XXIV ° gastronomic feast of local produce.

Group photo

But let's order and start from the beginning. We meet everyone, I, Annalisa, Nicholas and Gaspar in the square and you start to look around. You know things like: "Who am I, where I go, why am I here?". Given the heat, we were more or less well developed.

Seriously, you control the stage, hot water in the showers and the audio system. And here's the first little problem. The buildings of the town is not enough to shoot the music event.

Fortunately, in ten minutes we are from rags to riches. A brief conversation with the service group that should play on stage after our event and you have to use their sound system from enne thousand watts.

Unfortunately, two things go hopelessly wrong. An inevitable. A slight injury to Beppe better, forces him to defection. Okay, these things happen.

The second one is unforgivable. The percussionist Conrad, who had so praised his performance in Ortona, has forgotten us, and when reached by telephone, reminded him of the commitment given is too late and the omelet is done. Anathema upon him and investments required to "Spinning In Controguerra 2010" on pain of chemical castration .

Fortunately, advances at once that these will be the only minor problems that occur during the event which then smoothly as oil.

Send them to bike in record time under the scorching sun, we prepare the gadgets and install the stricioni on stage. Connecting to the mixer

Mixer event

and we are ready to go. Two hours of intense and hard work under the eyes of controguerresi and participants at the festival.

Everything flows away quickly among sweaty faces, effort, passion and fun and, in the end is that the time for a quick shower in the municipal gymnasium of Controguerra and for a healthy meal in a festival rounds of sandwiches with sausage and penne erotic . At this point, really fired come the greetings and thanks for all the participants at the event and the members of 'ASD IN & OUT Abruzzo Team who made this event possible and a farewell to "Spinning Controguerra in 2010."

You can get an idea of the square of Controguerra bikers hung with photos of the event through these on my Flickr profile or via the 'album created by Silvia. Should you have other news photos online event, to add it here immediately.

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